"Transforming Entrepreneurs through Empowering Physical Challenges"

Elevate Your Potential, Embrace the Thrill!


You're an experienced entrepreneur, a trailblazer in your field. Your days are filled with meetings, negotiations, and strategic decisions.

You've achieved significant success, but lately, something feels missing. The demands of your business have taken a toll, and you find yourself longing for a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment.

A lot of energy

Embrace Challenges

Get in topshape


Tamara helped me so much! I'm super fit, working less, and on my way to a great challenge: running 16 km non-stop. I am so, so happy!


It must change


You've reached a point where stress and burnout are knocking at your door. The constant pressure to excel and the weight of responsibilities have started to dim your spark. You yearn to break free from this cycle and rediscover the passion and energy that initially fueled your entrepreneurial journey.


Deep down, you know there's more to life than just the bottom line. You want to reclaim your vitality, to feel alive and vibrant again. You're seeking a transformation that encompasses not only your business success but also your overall well-being.


Be an example for your family

You can do it!

That's where the power of empowering physical challenges comes in.


By embracing these challenges, you can reconnect with your inner drive and unleash a renewed sense of purpose. Imagine conquering a challenging hike, feeling the rush of adrenaline as you overcome each obstacle. Picture yourself participating in a triathlon, crossing the finish line with a sense of triumph and accomplishment.


These physical challenges will not only invigorate your body but also revitalize your mind. They'll help you break free from the confines of stress and self-imposed limitations. Through personalized coaching and guidance, you'll develop a new level of mental resilience and clarity, enabling you to navigate the complex business landscape with renewed vigor.

Unleash Your Inner Power, Embrace the Change!


Together with a dedicated coach, you'll embark on a transformative journey. We'll understand your unique needs, help you set ambitious goals, and provide unwavering support every step of the way. You'll conquer physical feats, transcend limitations, and emerge as a stronger, more fulfilled entrepreneur.

Embrace these energizing physical challenges, let them ignite your passion, refresh your energy, and propel you to new achievements.

It's time to reclaim your vitality, redefine success on your terms, and become the unstoppable force you were destined to be.

The journey awaits you!

Busy entrepreneurs often forget to take really good care of themselves. When their business is doing well and they are deeply immersed in it, they think, "What's next?"

I help them find fulfillment again, both personally and professionally.

By simply saying 'yes' to a physical challenge, an entrepreneur transforms their life. A challenge that goes far beyond their comfort zone, perhaps tied to a good cause.

That's what provides a boost for you as an individual. And I am here to help you reach that finish line.

We'll determine your goal, create a plan, I'll encourage and motivate you, and be there for you as you work towards your goal or face any struggles. But most importantly, I want to give you a memorable experience, something you can draw upon for years to come, knowing "I can do this too, nothing can stop me," and regain fulfillment in life.

This not only benefits you but also the people around you...

So, what are you waiting for?

I'm here to help you.

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I love physical challenges. Setting a goal on the horizon and going for it. It brings not only great physical benefits (being incredibly fit, losing a few extra pounds, having abundant energy) but also mental benefits for both myself and my business.

I become sharper, can plan much better, have abundant energy, and as an entrepreneur, I contribute to good causes, which is also beneficial for my business.


Read here to discover what it can mean for you and your company, and what working with me entails.


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